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    A satisfying experience starts with your involvement in a Chapter. Each Chapter determines the number of rigs allowed in their Chapter resulting in a varied number of rigs per Chapter. The Chapter also chooses a vest they will wear, including colors and patches. They will camp together, support each other when there are problems and all members make new friends along the way.

   The camping season, which usually runs from April to October, is the time for Chapters to meet and camp out. Most camp on the weekend but a few camp during the week. During the winter months, dinner meetings are planned for restaurants or members homes. Interested in joining a local Chapter? Contact a Chapter President or the State Director for more information.

    If you are unsure about how to contact or find a local Chapter in your area, send an email to Rick Smith, our State Director at

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 Chapter Milestones for 2022


Arapahoe - March 26, 1977 ----- 45 years

Blue Spruce - April 2, 1977 ----- 45 years

Coyote  - March 20, 1977 ------ 45 years

Good Luck - Feb. 12, 1978 ----- 44 years

San Juan - Sept. 26, 1981 ------41 years

Sweetheart - Aug. 1, 1972 ------ 50 years





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