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Chapter Officier' Responsibilities


Here are the guidelines for chapter nominations for the chapter officers.

President - (This is probably the person that is the 'natural leader' in the group) At first, this position can be temporary in order to get the Chapter started. The president typically will preside over all meetings and is expected, if they so choose, to attend (or send a representative) to the State/Provincial Committee meeting.

Vice President - Not all chapters have a Vice President.  You can choose whether you would like to fill this office or not

Secretary - The purpose of the Secretary is to take down notes during any business meeting and distribute to all members of the group.  The Secretary also keeps up with Chapter membership by completing the Chapter Roster and submitting either to the President or the State/Provincial Director once a year. 

Treasurer - The purpose of the Treasurer is to collect any dues and/or donations and to distribute funds, as determined by the guidelines of the Chapter.

 Wagon Master - The purpose of the Wagon Master is to locate locations for the chapter campouts. To be the lead vehicle for the chapter to campouts when going as a group. The Wagon Master is also the individual where the Hosts of a campout can go to for information and suggestions for hosting responsibilities.


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