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2017 Rally Photos


Parking, Shuttle and Registration

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Chapters were assigned a block of parking spaces.

At Pueblo, all RVs had water and electric hookups and most had sewer hookups.

 There  were frequent shuttles to the main building.  

When Campers arrived,  they went to the main building and registered.

Next to the registration was Good Sam Sales area with pins, t-shirts, hats, etc.



Throughout the 4 day period there are many games and that you can participate in.  There are table games, Mexican Train,  puzzles, Card Bingo and the Good Sam version of Bingo , called Samgo. There are also outside games that you must register to play:  Bean Bag Baseball, Washer toss, Bocce Ball. There was also a tractor Blind Man Obstacle course.  The driver is blind folded  and the person behind him gives the driver instructions. 


Vendor Sales

We had the following vendors: 

All Pro Water - John Michael

Beanie Haven Larry & Marsha Yardberry

Camping World - RVs on display outside

Dogs for the Deaf

Emily Hansen - finger nail supplies, etc

Gypsy wagon

Mountain Man Candies- Lyle Riplie

Originals by Becki

RV Makeovers (was outside) 

Tupperware - Lori Mueller

Virtually Vintage Studios - Lorrie & Carl Gurtler


Chapter Sales

At the Rally many chapters sell food, and have raffles.  

Arapahoe Sams held a raffle and sold water. 

On Thursday noon  there were hard boiled eggs by Old No.7 Sams

On Friday noon  there were hard boiled eggs by Old No.7 Sams and

Corn on the Cob by Prairie Dog Sams

On Saturday  there were Egg Rolls by Kissing Camel Sams.

On  Sunday there were Sausages (Aerospace Sams) to go with the pancakes.

Crafts, Seminars, Demonstrations

 Thursday:  Computer Seminar - Jeff Towne, 

LED Lighting,  All Pro Water - John Michael, 3D card making- Sue Steele

 Friday: Craft-Card Making - Clair Brodeur, 

Friday Afternoon:  Men's Muffins with an RV Seminar  by Terry Breese of

Springs Auto & Truck Service Center of Colorado Springs

Saturday:    Computer Seminar - Jeff Towne


Food, Food, Food

Each morning the State supplies free coffee. 

Wednesday Evening there were free hot dogs

Thursday morning there was a hospitality hour with cookies supplied by the Aerospace Sams.

On Thursday noon  there were hard boiled eggs by Old No.7 Sams

Friday mornings there was a hospitality hour with cookies supplied by the Arapahoe Sams.

On Friday noon:  there were hard boiled eggs by Old No.7 Sams and

Corn on the Cob by Prairie Dog Sams

Friday Afternoon:  There was a Ladies Tea, sponsored by Carolynn Hall and

Men's Muffins with an RV Seminar  by ?? of Springs Auto & Truck Service Center of Colorado Springs

Friday Evening there free Hamburgers and Brats, sponsored bu the State Staff

 Saturday mornings is donut time, which were supplied by and served by the Good Luck Sams.

Saturday noon there were Egg Rolls by Kissing Camel Sams.

Saturday afternoon, there was an ice Cream Social with free ice cream and toppings. 

The Sunday pancake breakfast is put on by the Chapter Presidents

There were Sausages (Aerospace Sams) to go with the pancakes.


King and Queen

Andy and Charlotte Stone from Aerospace Sams

were crowned King and Queen for 2017


Golden Halo Award

Tom Gray was chosen for the Golden Halo Award for 2017. Check the web page for this awards requirements


Attendees brought non perishable food to be donated to the local food bank and books for the local library. 

There was also a silent Auction with chapter donated item.

The proceeds from the book sale, horse races, and silent auction are divided:

50% goes to the treasury, and 50% goes to Dogs for the Deaf, Make a Wish Foundation, and Fischer House.


Wednesday Evening

On Wednesday evening,  We had free Hot Dogs followed by Card Bingo 

Pet Parade and Judging

Sue Steele hosted the Pet parade on Thursday

Thursday Evening Opening Ceremony     

At the beginning of the Opening Ceremony is the

presentation of the flag by the American Legion Post #3917 of Pueblo.  

The Parade of Flags starts with the visiting state officers, out of state visitors followed

by the Colorado Chapter Presidents and finally Colorado State Officers.  

The entertainment for Thursday evening was “Old Western Songs” by Kurt Corsair

 Later, we played a Good Sam version of Bingo called Samgo.


Out of State Officers


 Harold and Rosalie Jacklin from Utah, the past Regional Director

 This year we had visitors from Florida, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Colorado State Officers  

Captain JR and Carolyn Hall, State Director

Celia & Walt Smith, State Secretary

Lyle & Sharla Hayward State Treasurer

Jeff Towne, Web Master

Dan & Kathy Bechtold, State Chaplain

Jan Towne, State Patch Person

Claire & Roland Brodeur, State VIP Host

Dave & Shelley Moore, State Sound Manager

Don & Linda Wenzel, Assistant State Director

Sharla & Lyle Haywood, Assistant State Director

Wayne & Glenda Shade, Assistant State Director

Marrie & Tom Mason, Assistant State Director

Mel & Dee Trafton, Assistant State Director

Chapter Presidents 

Harold & Bonnie Smith, Aerospace Sams

??, Arapahoe Sams

Rick & Lisa Smith, Blue Spruce Sams

Rodney & Dorothy Wulf, Coyote Sams

Roland & Claire Brodeur, Good Luck Sams

Ron Wiley, kissing Camels Sams

Ken & Charlene Randall, Old No. 7 Sams

Ed & Jeanette McGuire, Prairie Dog Sams

State Meeting

Twice a year a state meeting is held.  The first meeting in the spring is just for the State Officers.

The second one is held at the Rally and the Chapter Presidents are required to attend.

The information on the following year's Rally are presented 

and the Chapter Presidents vote on the venue.


Friday Afternoon Ladies Tea 

Carolyn Hall, State Director put on a fabulous Ladies Tea.

The ladies wore their favorite hats.


Friday Evening

Entertainment was supplied by Tom Munch

That was followed by Samgo (Bingo) and door prizes.


Cake Walk 

On Saturday afternoon, we had the cake walk, which is a variation of     

musical chairs. Each chapter donates a cake.  You march around in a circle

and when the music stops, you land on a numbered star. A  number is

then drawn and the winner gets to choose a cake. 



Saturday Evening Banquet

On Saturday evening, we held our annual banquet which was catered by the Do Drop Inn


Saturday Evening Entertainment

Triple Play Jazz Quartet - sponsored by Pikes Peak Traveland


Awards were also given out for games and scrapbook competition




 On Sunday after the pancake breakfast, there is a church service.


Blood Drive

The Blood Drive with the Bonfils Blood Center in Pueblo, was held on Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. 

Many pints of blood were donated.


Memorial Balloon Release

On Thursday, balloons were released in memory of departed loved ones.

Our Chaplain, Dan Bechold also led the Sunday Church.

See the InMemoriam page for as list of those remembered


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